Jesús M Salvador Lab Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)

T cell activation and differentiation in tumor suppression and autoimmunity

Patents & Publications

  1. Patent application number: P200702770
    Title: Procedure for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with alterations in p38 Kinase
    Entity: Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
    Inventors: Jesús M. Salvador, M López-Santalla & C Martínez-A
    Priority date: November 2007
  2. Patent Number: WO2005/077983
    United States Patent Application # 60/602,436
    PCT Application # PCT/US2005/003379
    Title: Modulating p38 kinase activity
    Inventors: Jesús M. Salvador, Jonathan D. Ashwell, Paul Mittelstadt and Albert J. Fornace
    Priority date: August 2005

Selected Publications

  • López-Santalla, M., Salvador-Bernáldez, M., García, M.I., Eiró, N., Kremer, L., Roncal, F., Martínez-A, C., Salvador JM. The alternative p38 activation pathway regulates T cell receptor activation but not the stress response. Submitted to J Exp Med (JEM ms#20070895)
  • These findings identified a novel prognostic marker in rheumatoid arthritis. This discovery was awarded Patent P200702770.
  • López-Santalla, M., Salvador-Bernáldez, M., and Salvador, J.M. “Alternative p38 activation pathway a novel therapeutic target in autoimmune disease and cancer”. Industria Farmaceutica 126, 98-102, 2006.
  • Cai, Q., Dimitrieva, N., Ferraris, J., Michea, L., Salvador, J.M., Hollander, M.C., Fornace, A.J., Fenton, R. and Burg, M.: Effects of expresión of p53 and Gadd45 on osmotic tolerance of renal inner medullary cells. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 291: 341-349, 2006.
  • Salvador, J. M., Mittelstadt, P. R., Guszczynski, T., Copeland, T. D., Yamaguchi, H., Appella, E., Fornace, A. J. Jr., and Ashwell, J. D.: Alternative p38 activation pathway mediated by T cell receptor-proximal tyrosine kinases. Nat. Immunol. 6: 390-395, 2005.
  • The relevance of this paper was highlighted in the Nature “News and Views” editorial (“Nature view”), in Science (Science STKE), Nature Cell Biology (The Signaling Gateway), Nature Immunology (Rudd, C, Nat Immunol 6: 368-70, 2005), and selected by the Faculty of 1000. The National Institutes of Health selected this paper in its “Platinum Publications” list as one of the top 30 articles in 2005. This paper was awarded the Biogen Idec Award to the best article in basic cancer research published by a Spanish scientist in 2004-2005.
  • Salvador, J. M., Mittelstadt, P. R., Belova, G. I., Fornace, A. J., Jr., and Ashwell, J. D.: The autoimmune suppressor GADD45a inhibits the T cell alternative p38 activation pathway. Nat. Immunol. 6: 396-402, 2005.
  • The importance of this finding was highlighted in journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Cell Biology and Nature Immunology. See also a recent review in Nat Rev Immunology 6: 532-540, 2006. This paper was awarded the Fundación Hospital de Madrid Award to the best article in Translational Medicine (oncology field) published by a Spanish scientist in 2005. These findings established a specific new target for experimental therapeutics in autoimmune diseases (such as SLE, RA, Crohn’s disease) and leukemia. This discovery was awarded US patent WO2005/077983A2,
  • Mittelstadt, P. R., Salvador, J.M., Fornace, A. J., Jr., and Ashwell, J. D.: Activating p38 MAPK: new tricks for an old kinase. Cell cycle 9: 1189-1192, 2005.
  • Hollander, M.C., Patterson, A.D., Salvador, J.M., Anver, M.R., Hunger, S.P. and Fornace, A.J., Jr.: Gadd45a acts as a modifier locus for lymphoblastic lymphoma. Leukemia 19: 847-50, 2005.
  • Hildesheim, J., Salvador, J. M., Hollander, M. C., and Fornace A. J., Jr.: CK2- and PKA-regulated APC and beta-catenin cellular localization is dependent on p38 MAPK. J. Biol. Chem. 280: 17221-17226, 2005.
  • Salvador, J.M., Hollander, M.C., Nguyen, A., Kopp, J.B., Barisoni, L., Moore, J.K., Ashwell, J.D., and Fornace, A. J. Jr.: Mice lacking the p53-effector gene Gadd45a develop a lupus-like syndrome. Immunity 16: 498-509, 2002.
  • Salvador, J.M., and Fornace, A.J. Jr.: The p53-effector gene Gadd45a is an autoimmune disease suppressor gene. CCR Frontiers In Science 1: 4, 2002.
  • Hollander, M.C., Kovalsky, O., Salvador, J.M., Kim, K.E., Patterson, A.D., Haines, D.C., and Fornace, A.J. Jr.: DMBA carcinogenesis in Gadd45a-null mice is associated with decreased DNA repair and increased mutation frequency. Cancer Res. 61: 2487-91, 2001.