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T cell activation and differentiation in tumor suppression and autoimmunity



Dr. Jesús M Salvador awarded an ERC starting Grant to lead a study on autoimmunity and cancer at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología

Jesús M Salvador, group leader from the Dept. of Immunology & Oncology, will receive funding from the European Research Council to perform a project on the role of the Gadd45 family and p38 MAPK in tumor suppression and autoimmunity.

ERC starting grants aim to support research leaders who are about to establish or consolidate an independent research team in Europe. The scheme targets promising researchers who have the proven potential of becoming independent research leaders.

In its first call, the ERC judged 9167 projects, of which only 3% met the criteria established by the evaluation panel. Spain has obtained 14 projects in Life Science, 2 in the Immunology field, one of them will be performed at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología.

The European Research Council supports “frontier research” with an overall budget up to 2 million euros per grant for five years.



The “Centro Nacional de Biotecnología” (CNB-CSIC), Madrid, Spain, has a postdoctoral position available in the laboratory of Dr. Jesús M. Salvador. We are dissecting the signaling pathways involved in development of autoimmunity and cancer using a multidisciplinary approach that combines mouse genetic, human epigenetic, biochemical, molecular biological and immunological techniques. Our project involves the generation and characterization of mouse models (knockout and knock-in), in vivo and in vitro analysis of T cell activation, proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation, and validation of these results in autoimmune disease and cancer patients.

  • SALARY: will be commensurate with experience
  • DURATION: 1-4 years renewable (2008-2012)
  • START DATE: Fall 2008
  • LOCATION: Dept. of Immunology & Oncology, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB-CSIC), Lab 411, C/ Darwin n 3, 28049 Madrid

    · Applicants must have two years postdoctoral research experience in the areas of immunology, protein biochemistry or molecular biology

    · An outstanding track-record of publications in high impact journals

  • Salvador, J. M., Mittelstadt, P. R., Guszczynski, T., Copeland, T. D., Yamaguchi, H., Appella, E., Fornace, A. J. Jr., and Ashwell, J. D.:  Alternative p38 activation pathway mediated by T cell receptor-proximal tyrosine kinases.  Nat. Immunol. 6: 390-395, 2005.
  • López-Santalla, M., Salvador-Bernáldez, M., García, M.I., Eiró, N., Kremer, L., Roncal, F., Martínez-A, C., Salvador JM. The alternative p38 activation pathway regulates T cell receptor activation but not the stress response. J Exp Med 2007 (JEM ms#20070895).
  • Salvador, J. M., Mittelstadt, P. R.,  Belova, G. I., Fornace, A. J., Jr., and Ashwell, J. D.:  The autoimmune suppressor GADD45a inhibits the T cell alternative p38 activation pathway.  Nat. Immunol. 6: 396-402, 2005.
  • Salvador, J.M., Hollander, M.C., Nguyen, A., Kopp, J.B., Barisoni, L., Moore, J.K., Ashwell, J.D., and Fornace, A. J. Jr.: Mice lacking the p53-effector gene Gadd45a develop a lupus-like syndrome. Immunity 16: 498-509, 2002.
  1. Patent application: P200702770 Entity: CSIC Priority date: November 2007
  2. Patent Number: WO2005/077983 PCT Application # PCT/US2005/003379
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Jesús M Salvador

Jesús M Salvador