Jesús M Salvador Lab Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)

T cell activation and differentiation in tumor suppression and autoimmunity

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Our laboratory is part of the Dept. of Immunology & Oncology (DIO) at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB), a state-of-the-art research institute within the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain. The DIO is supported by an agreement between Pfizer and the CSIC. The Pfizer-CSIC interaction provides an appropriate environment for the establishment of biomedical research collaboration between private industry and academia.

The DIO is one of the five research departments at the CNB. The CNB was inaugurated in 1992 and is one of Spain's largest biomedical research centers. It is situated in a technologically developed area that includes several research centers of the CSIC and of the Universidad Autónoma, near several pharmaceutical and small biotech companies, further strengthening the scientific interest of the CNB. The EMBO recently held a scientific review of the CNB (, which highlighted that “CNB research is in the forefront of European and world science”.

The DIO is organized in various major, closely-connected vertical research areas, including signal transduction and gene therapy, inflammation, the control of cell growth and oncogenesis, and mechanisms and genes implicated in the induction of programmed cell death. These areas are interconnected through a horizontal program in genomics, to further promote interactions between DIO members. The DIO has existed for 12 years, focusing on translational research in immunology and oncology. Financial support is obtained from local and national sources, public and private, as well as from the EU and the United States.

DIO Core Facilities

The DIO has several core facilities that include a) Genomics Service, for generation and analysis of human and mouse microarray chips, b) Photonics Service, with several fluorescence, confocal and multiphoton microscopes, c) Cell Sorting and FACS service, and d) DNA and protein sequencing. DIO members also have full access to the CNB core facilities, including a state-of-the-art animal facility with rodents, axolotls and zebra fish, biocomputing, electron microscopy, protein design and X-ray crystallography, surface plasmon resonance (BIAcore), intravital microscopy and Proteomics Service for peptide arrays, chromatography, and mass spectrometry.

If you have questions about our group, please do not hesitate contact us:

Dr. Jesús M Salvador
Dept. of Immunology & Oncology lab.411
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, (CNB-CSIC)
c/ Darwin nº 3, Campus Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid, SPAIN